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24. Internationaler Johannes-Brahms-Wettbewerb 2017 Poertschach Austria

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  §1 Organizer
  §2 Venue, Time
  §3 Registration
  §4 Entry
  §5a Piano
  §5b Violin
  §5c Viola
  §5d Cello
  §5e Voice
  §5f Chamber m.
  §6 Assessment
  §7 Miscellaneous

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Please note: These are the 2017 competition rules and regulations. We are currently working on the 2018 regulations, which will be published shortly. Thank you for your understanding!

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§ 5a Piano

The division piano was not included in the 2016 competition. If a registration has been paid in 2015, but the contestant did not participate in the contest, the registration fee for 2017 will be reduced by EUR 30.

General Information:

  • All works have to be performed from memory.
  • The chairman will terminate any presentation exceeding the given time frame.
  • Please choose repeats in your own responsibility. The maximum duration of each round must not be exceeded.
  • Please prepare an attractive piece with a maximum duration of 4-5 minutes for the prize winners' concert. Choose from the theme "folk music (dance music)", if possible in connection with your home. For suggestions, see § 2.

A) First Round:

  1. One Prelude and one Fugue (belonging together) from “Das Wohltemperierte Klavier” by J. S. Bach.
  2. One Etude by F. Chopin from op. 10 (except no. 3, and no. 6) or op. 25 (except no. 7).
  3. One piece by J. Brahms to be chosen from op. 4, 10, 76, 79, 116, 117, 118, 119.

Duration: 15 minutes.

B) Second Round:

  • A piece of variation work by J. Brahms: op. 9, or op. 21 (no. 1 and no. 2), or op 24, or op. 35 (first and second book).
    Note: Of op. 35 you can also play book 1 or book 2 only. In this case you would have to complement your programme by op. 21, no. 1 or no. 2. The variations op. 21, no. 1, can be played without repeats.


  • A sonata by J. Brahms: op. 1, or op. 2, or op. 5.
    Note: The first movement of sonata nr 3 op. 5 by Brahms is to be played without repeats.

Duration: max. 35 minutes.

C) Final with full orchestra:

You are asked to play the first movement from one of the following piano concerts:

  • J. Brahms, no. 1, D minor, op. 15
  • J. Brahms, no 2, B major, op. 83
  • R. Schumann, A minor, op. 54

The concerts must be played from memory.


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