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24. Internationaler Johannes-Brahms-Wettbewerb 2017 Poertschach Austria

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International Johannes Brahms Competition Pörtschach, Austria
Prizewinners of 2005

CVs of the 2005 Prizewinners - in German (PDF, 94kb)

27 competitors

1st Prize: COUTEAU Geoffroy (France, Age 26)
Sponsored by Bank für Kärnten und Steiermark AG
2nd Prize: MATSUURA Shiyo (Japan, Age 24)
Sponsored by Rotary Club Wien-Graben

Also in the finals:
3rd: YOO Jae-Kyung (South Korea, Age 22)
4th: ZHENG Dan-Dan (China, Age 23)
5th: SHIMBARI Satoko (Japan, Age 26)

Chamber Music
16 competitors

1st Prize: SCHWEIZER KLAVIERTRIO (Switzerland)
Martin Lucas Staub, Piano; Angela Golubeva, Violin; Sébastien Singer, Cello
Sponsored by the State of Carinthia
2nd Prize: RESA / THAL (Germany)
Nikolaus Resa, Rüdiger Thal
Sponsored by the State of Carinthia

Also in the finals :
3rd: Duo Kotal / Asahina (Japan, Czech Republic)
4th: Yukako / Yuki (Japan)
5th: Duo Kariya / Gospodinov (Japan, Bulgaria)

Invitation to the Festival di Lapedona (Italy):
sponsored by Prof. Walter Daga

38 competitors

1st Prize: KIM Jiwon (South Korea, Age 20)
Sponsored by Casino Velden
2nd Prize: BEZRODNY Anna-Liisa (Estonia/Finland, Age 23)
Sponsored by Kärntner Landesversicherung

Also in the finals :
3rd: BAE WonHyee (Korea, Age 18)
4th: THAL Rüdiger (Germany, Age 25)
5th: MALOV Sergey (Russia, Age 22)
6th: LÄMMERMANN Katja (Germany, Age 25)

Special Prize for the best interpretation of the compulsory piece "Something Wild" written by Nenad First:
MALOV Sergey
Sponsored by Walter Götzendorfer

31 competitors

1st Prize: ECKELS Lena (Germany, Age 23)
Sponsored by Zoppoth Haustechnik
2nd Prize: GRZYMNA Ewa (Poland, Age 20)
Sponsored by the mayor of Pörtschach am Wörthersee

Also in the finals:
3rd: IVANOVA Daniela (Bulgaria, Age 27) and
PARK Eun Young (Korea, Age 22)
5th: WATANABE Shinichiro (Japan, Age 27)

20 competitors

1st Prize: PUSTIČKI Branimir (Croatia, Age 24)
Sponsored by Casino Velden
2nd Prize: SCHWABE Gabriel (Germany, Age 16) and
COTTET Lionel (Switzerland, Age 18)
Sponsored by „9 von Pörtschach“

Also in the finals :
4th: LIU Man (China, Age 26)
5th: LIANG Ning (China, Age 21)

Special Prize for the best interpretation of the compulsory piece "Berceuse" written by Dieter Kaufmann:
SIMKÓ-VÁRNAGY Mihály (Hungary, Age 23)
Sponsored by Walter Götzendorfer

38 competitors

1st Prize: LICHDI Rahel (Germany, Age 23)
Sponsored by Schlumberger Wein- und Sektkellerei AG
2nd Prize: WANDEL Melanie (Germany, Age 28)
Sponsored by Rotary Klagenfurt

Also in the finals :
3rd: WEINHAPPEL Thomas (Austria, Age 25)
4th: ROHLFS Barbara (Germany, Age 35) and
SHIMA Terumi (Japan, Age 31)
6th: LIM Chae Wook (South Korea, Age 28)
7th: LEE Christina M.-J. (Korea, Age 28) and
SZILÁRD Katalin (Hungary, Age 24)

Special Prize for the best interpretation of the compulsory piece "Zwei Erscheinungen" by Hans Florey (words by Ernst Jandl):
Sponsored by Nomos Institut Graz

Prize for the best piano accompanist (category voice):
Sponsored by Rotary Klagenfurt-Wörthersee

Prize of the Audience
at the Final Concert at Casineum Velden on September 4, 2005:

PUSTIČKI Branimir (Cello; Croatia)
Sponsored by Casino Velden

If you any questions or would like more information, please contact the competition office.


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